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"I strongly recommend this Job Skills Assessment.  Employers, Employees and anyone looking to identify his or her Unique Skills will benefit by taking this simple yet powerful IQ assessment.  They will also have their unique skills matched up with their passions." 

                                           Dr. Bruce Oliver

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"Our number one goal is to provide you cutting-edge technology, instant feedback and analysis of what proficiencies you're really good at."                    

By using this site you could better understand the skills and talents you possess. You will identify your two top behavioral styles and four top proficiency skills.    You can receive access to a job placement worksheet which you can complete and see what kind of jobs you may be best suited for.

Questions are not timed but you should allow 30 to 45 minutes for completion. Remember this is NOT a TEST.   There  are  no  right  or wrong answers. Once you start the assessment you need to complete all questions for your login to work properly.  Make sure you have allowed enough time to complete the process.

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"I am pleased to express my confidence in this Job Skills & Talent Assessment offered by Dr. Bruce Oliver. It is a very helpful tool for employers to use to help their employees identify their skills and talents. Now companies have an awesome tool to help determine areas in which each individual could best fit in the workplace. 

I enjoyed finding this more in-depth assessment to learn about my talents and skills.  It inspired me to develop them more, as well as to invite some of my clients in my counseling practice to take the Assessment to help them understand their skills. As a Counselor, this tool helps me assist clients who are distressed because they do not know what their unique skills are or what they can do to enhance their careers.   

I encourage all business owners and management to give this Business IQ Assessment a try, and to offer it as a powerful resource to their employees."

Patricia Burke, DCH, LCSW